NSAC Zomerprogramma

De NSAC is de Nederlandse Studenten Alpenclub en is een overkoepelend orgaan van alle SAC's in Nederland. De NSAC verzorgt diverse alpiene cursussen in zomer, zoals alpiene cursussen, canyoning en een hike to fly cursus. De cursussen zijn ingericht voor degenen die de ambitie hebben zelfstandig tochten te gaan maken en uiteindelijk om cursussen te gaan leiden. De cursussen worden gegeven op beginners-, gevorderden- en vergevorderdenniveau. Er zijn altijd meer inschrijvingen dan er plaatsen zijn, daarom is een selectiedag noodzakelijk. De inschrijving en de indelingsdag worden gecoördineerd door de Coördinator Zomerprogramma (ZP) van de NSAC.

Daarnaast organiseert de NSAC jaarlijks een zomercamping waar SAC leden uit het hele land samen kunnen komen om alpiene tochten te ondernemen. Kijk voor meer informatie over activiteiten en cursussen van de NSAC op http://nsac.climbing.nl.

Zomerprogramma 2020

Hello zealous climbers, bouldering pals, and active alpinists!

It might yet have reached you or not, but the NSAC Zomer Programma committee is full roar organizing a program most versatile for any climber. All our courses are already open for application or will soon open up! To inform you about all the options you find a summary of all summer activities:

Have you always had the wish to climb mountains, cross glaciers and make marvelous tours on rock and ice? The introductory course, C1, will be a good one for you! During one week you will be introduced to the basics of alpinism and you will make a few tours yourself with guidance. To get in the course you need to pass the selection on the kick-off day on the 21st March in USC Amsterdam. The applications will be open from the 21st of December to the 22nd of February.  

Have you already done some alpinism or followed a C1 course previously but you want to improve further, you might be interested to do a C2 course. During this course, you will improve your skills in alpinism in multiple fields. Most importantly you will work with cams and nuts and become more skilled on rocky terrains and mountain ridges. Selections will take place on the 21st of March in USC Amsterdam, and applications will be open from the 21st of December to the 22nd of February.

Is a one week course not enough for you and do you want to give more dedication to advance in alpinism? This year one course for C2 and one course for C3 is offered in the Wellness program. Enrolling in this course means you are willing to put extra time into the preparation for this course. A selection weekend is organized from the 25th to the 26th of January, if you get selected in this weekend, two other weekends will be held in preparation of the course. The application period for the Wellness courses is from the 16th of December to the 24th of January. Check out the website for more information!

Are you not so much into alpinism or wanting to try something new? A canyoning course will be held in the week of the 11th of July to the 18th of July. This week you will learn how to move through canyons safely (prepare to get wet!) with the help of similar materials as used for climbing. During the week you will stay at a camping near the area of the course. There will also be an advanced course in canyoning if you already have experience with the basic course, this will be in the week of the 7th to the 13th of August. Check the website to apply!

Last but not least the NSAC will come up with a totally new course for Hike and Fly! This course will introduce you to single skin paragliding, during one week. The course will be fully organized by the French paraglide school Flyéo. This one-week introductory course will not make you an independent paraglider yet. However, in order to become one, this course may very well bring you the first experiences needed to get there. More information will be provided soon on the website. If you want to explore more yourself you can start off on the website of Flyéo!

Are you not interested in taking any courses but do you want to be in the Alps this summer? From the 6th to the 24th of July the NSAC will offer a reduced price at a camping site somewhere in the Alps. The location will follow, but keep the date in mind!

For more information: go to https://nsac.alpenclub.nl/zp/


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