Summer Week

About this event

Bestuur 2022
1 - 7 Aug 2022
Ailefroide, France


After a long break, I can bring you the good news that this summer the time has come for a new Summer Week! So, bring out the wine, baguettes, and camembert, because the Summer Week is located in the beautiful Ailefroide (France). In addition to that, it takes place at the same time and camping place as our Alpen Week which means you can also check that out.

Are you also looking for a great climbing experience with other GSACers? Then sign up, there is no selection process! You can do so until Monday 18th of July. Please join the WhatsApp group after signing up to get in touch with the other participants.

The Summer Week will start on Monday the 1th of August and end on Sunday the 7th of August. You need at least the completed single-pitch status to sign up. You are not supervised by an instructor and can decide on your own what you want to do. 


You’ll have to organize this yourself!


We’re staying at the same camping as the Alpen Week. It is not paid by GSAC.


You'll take care of your own meals but can also plan that with the other participants. You can then split the costs amongst each other.


You have to bring you own gear. If you don’t have any gear, the GSAC has a lot of gear you can borrow. You can contact our MatCo AJ ( about that.


If you have any more questions send an email to: