The GSAC trainings has started again. Because of COVID-19 regulations you have to sign up to attend one of  the training sessions. You can sign up on the dutch portion of the site, under 'events'. If you sign up and do not show up to the training there may be consequences. 

You have to be signed in on the website to sign up for a training. If you have trouble setting up your account, please email our abactis at the following adres:

the training times are:

The Chris training (Monday 19:45, ACLO)

 This training is a training for all level climbers.

The Jelmer training(Wednesday 18:15, ACLO)

This training is more focused on beginners, but all level climbers are welcome.

The Ruben Training (Sunday 18:30, ACLO)


Dear climbfanatics,

What is your goal when coming to a training? Do you finally want to start with that training schedule, do you want to overcome your fear of falling after all these years, or would you want to learn how to improve your tactic or technique? "But how do I get there... to my goal?"

By getting to it!

For personal guidence in this proces, you can join the weekly coaching in Bjoeks with all your climbing goals. Together we will have a look at how you want to evolve as a climber and how best to do that, whether you have years of experience and finally want to brake through your performance plateau or you just started with a lot of enthusiasm. The most important thing is that you want to give direction to your climbing training, whether it is physical, technical, mental or tactical.

With or without a climbing buddy, you are welcome to join. See you there!

Climbing regards,