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26 nov. 2022

Hoera Hoera Hoera, die kerls 'n deerntjes in Eanske sin 43 joar. En dat mut'n wie natuurlijk donders hard vier'n. Doarm bunt oe verwelkomt om een poar te nem'n in 't zonovergoten Eanske. Doar goan wie onmundig pils zuup'n, oerend harde plaatjes draai'n, struuk'n duuk'n en wie weet nog brommers kiek'n. Kom doar'm 26 november noar Twente en dan moak'n wie er een donderend fuifke van.Good goan!

TSAC dies, 26 november. Wordt leuk, dus zet het in je agenda.
TSAC dies on the 26th of November. Be there or be square.


We start the festivities 15:00 at the Calslaan 60-161 Enschede with a crazy 43, so be ready to do some Fun/Strange/Crazy shit on campus with a fabulous price. This will be followed at 18:00 with "happen and trappen" so you will be visiting multiple houses of some very gezellig TSAC members for a 3 hallways diner. Finaly at 20:00 all hell will break loose at "de Stall" (Drienerlolaan 5 Enschede) for an amazing party with the theme 'farmer searches rope' (boer zoekt touw)! As you might have noticed all the activities will be held on campus so you won't need a bike (unless you have a sleeping spot in the city centre). So put on your agrarian outfit or nicest rope. See you there Kusjes <3 <3

P.S. sign up here: https://forms.gle/CX3rKrvw5CNKUzJH9
P.P.S. for any question you can contact DiesCie@tsac.alpenclub.nl

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