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GSACtief 2018
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16 feb. 2019 17:00 - 19:00

Dear GSACers,

Once upon a time there was a climber. Yet this particular climber was afraid of heights, so she had to find a way to work those climbing skills without getting up. I hear you al thinking: She should go bouldering! However, this poor girl was unable to look down whenever she got higher then two meters. As she was disappointed, she went to a bar to get wasted, and that's where it happened! There was this shiny, blinking, straight pole in the middle of the dance floor and she just lost it! Flagging, the helicopter, Frodo, Russian splits and La Roue, everything came naturally. That's when she knew: Pole dancing is a great training for climbing!

Lucky as we are, the "Noordpole" is offering a pole dancing clinic to get your daily workout and impress your friends during your nights out!

Afterwards we'll have a bite at the Aclo sports bar and head to the Bres!