Within the GSAC, there is a committee especially devoted to alpine activities. The Alpencie ensures that you have the wonderful opportunity to experience life in the mountains.

Do you like mountains, snow, rocks and ice? Do you feel excited when you see the Alps and do want to do nothing but climb them? Then the GSAC is the place for you! Within the GSAC there is a committee specially dedicated to the alpine activities; the AlpenCie. As AlpenCie, we ensure that you have all the possibility to spend time in the beautiful mountains. Whether you want to hike, climb or do an alpine tour: everything is possible! We organise a yearly Alps-week during summer where you can go mountaineering! In addition, we are in close contact with the NSAC about the alpine courses they offer (and in which you can participate!). During the courses, you can learn how to do mountaineering safely and responsibly. We think that the Alps should be (to a certain degree, of course) accessible to everyone and we would love to help you get started. Because what is better than being in the Alps with your GSAC-friends…? Exactly, nothing!

If you have any questions, you can always reach us via this email address:

Members of the AlpenCie:

  • Elte Hillekens
  • Peter Jager
  • Casper de Wit (praeses)
  • Menno Hovingh
  • Sabine de Haan
  • Tom Kosters
  • Peter Groen
  • Folke Drost
  • Johannes Schramm
  • Julia Borgh
  • Rik van de Kolk