GSAC Merch

Here you’ll find all promo-items the GSAC has to offer at this moment. If you want to order something, don’t hesitate and mail to! If you think you have the next great idea for a new item, you can mail us as well.

Sticker - Free

Get a pile of stickers from the Promocie and leave them at high places around the world to bring the GSAC to the top!

Flag - €7,00

A beautiful flag to wave high! The top flag is available in 2 sizes:?
-50x30cm, perfect to carry up a mountain and bring GSAC to the top.
-90x50cm, ideal for hanging on the wall for all your friends to admire. 
Out of Stock

Beanie - €7,50

The best headwear to stay warm in the winter months or on the highest peaks of the Alps. And in warmer weather the beanie will still look really trendy!

Patch - €2,00

To customize your boring non-GSAC items, we have patches available! Suitable for sewing and ironing.

GSAC shot glasses - €2,50

We’re a climbing association but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have fun on the ground, I mean we can all agree GSAC parties are great and full of energy. Well, you can now make every party as memorable (or unmemorable) as a GSAC party with your own shot glasses.
PS  You can have too many shots but can’t ever have too many shot glasses 

GSAC hoodies - €20

Brrr… It’s getting cold again if only you had something to keep you warm but yet still fashionable. Worry not we have found something for you, the GSAC hoodie will keep you warm even after climbing to the top of Excalibur in January and show your warm heart for our association. We have ordered a small set of demo hoodies, so please contact us if you want to see, feel or try on one.​​​​​​​

Price: approx 20€ Out of Stock


XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

GSAC underwear

In these, you can feel free to dance around without having to worry about looking stupid. This beautiful piece will only get you admiring glances. Wear it to that exciting date, wear it to the ACLO, so you can show it off while you are getting changed. Put it on your head, hang it on the wall, show it off to your neighbours by hanging it outside to dry. Happiness is in the little things. Happiness is GSAC underwear!