GSAC Courses


The GSAC organises a few courses per year. These courses are important to become an independent climber. That way, you can eventually go climbing outside on trips by yourself. We only offer each course once per year. If there are too many people who signed up for a course there will be a draw because there are limited spots available. You can always try again next year, or you can try to follow one of the courses offered by ACLO, Bjoeks, or another external party.

When the sign-ups for the courses open, you will receive an email about this.

Indoor Toprope (ZK_IT)

During the introcourses new members learn the basics of belaying together with their ropegroups. After this course you can belay safely independently (with a climbing partner of course!). The course will be given during the introperiod in September. After this course you can take part in trainings, climbing weekends and request a wall card by emailing to

If you become a new member, and already learned how to toprope somewhere else, you can have it checked by mailing to to get the right status.

Technique course

To stimulate progress in climbing, especially for beginners, a technique course will be given. The emphasis here will be on climbing efficiently. Weight distribution, tactical climbing and techniques such as flagging, pied-à-main and heel and toe hooking will be discussed.

Indoor Lead Climbing (ZK-IV)

At the rocks there are no ropes hanging from the top like in a climbing hall, therefore you have to lead climb from bolt to bolt, clipping in your rope, to reach the top. This course usually starts in November. Before we can go climbing outside, you have to learn how to lead climb inside. In the course you will amongst other things learn how to lead climb, lead climb belaying, recognize foot errors and clip quickdraws. After this course you can lead climb in climbing gyms, like Emergo at the ACLO or on Excalibur in Bjoeks. Additionally, this course is the foundation for climbing outside.

After this course you will get a wall card, which you can use to lend a lead climbing rope at ACLO.

Outdoor Lead Climbing – Single Pitch  (ZK-OV-SP)

The single pitch course is meant for participants to prepare them for lead climbing single pitches, meaning a single rope length, in well-bolted routes in the great outdoors! This teaches you how to climb independantly in areas which does not require multi pitching. This course therefore is offered during the winter, right before the climbing season starts. To take part in this course you need to have the status independent climber – indoor lead climbing (ZK-IV). In this course you learn the first rope techniques, like building top ropes outsides, cleaning the anchor and rappelling. The first part of the course will be given inside. But the exam will be taken outside during weekends (usually in March and April). After finishing both the part inside and outside of the course, you will get the status of ZK-OV-SP. This means you are ready to climb outside independantly, and means you can borrow climbing gear from the GSAC to go on your own climbing trips.

Outdoor lead climbing – Multi pitch (ZK-OV-MP)

This course will be given immediately after the single pitch course in spring. In the multi pitch course you will learn how to climb several pitches outside. You will learn several rope techniques under guidance that are important for rescuing during sports climbing and alpinism. This mainly entails Prusiks, Seilrolle, Express Flaschenzug, Sebstseilrolle and the Seilrolle Flaschenzug. The rescuing techniques part of the course has to be finished with an exam. Additionally, you have to show during two climbing weekends that you can multi-pitch safely. After this you get the status of ZK-OV-MP.

Outdoor lead climbing – Trad Climbing

In certain climbing areas, such as Ith and Etteringen, some routes are not or barely bolted. To still be able to climb up you will have to learn how to place materials by yourself to be able to reach the top safely. There you learn how to place nuts, cams, hex’s and other trad gear in the wall.

Sports climbing course week

The sports climbing course week (also called summer course week) is organised in the climbing Walhalla of Europe. Here you have a week-long opportunity to improve your (lead) climbing skills, with a lot of instructors and plenty of GSAC-materials. This course is ideal if you can lead climb a little bit, but can’t go for trips on your own yet. The programme will be based on the wishes of the participants themselves.

NSAC courses

The NSAC is the Nederlandse Studenten AlpenClub, which is the overarching body of all the Sac’s in the Netherlands. The NSAC organises several alpine courses in summer and in winter. For more information you can check out ‘NSAC zomerprogramma’  of or ‘NSAC winterprogramma’ or check out the website of the NSAC: