Would you like to join the GSAC? You can by signing up on this form on the website. When you have done this, you are an aspiring member. You are not yet a part of the association. Only when you have signed and handed in the email that we will have sent you, you will be an official member. You will also get an email to confirm your membership. As a member, it is mandatory that you are in possession of an ACLO card. (People with an SPR-card are not able to join student sports associations.)

If you do want to be a part of the GSAC, but you can’t buy an ACLO card, you can also become a donor! As a donor, you will receive the newsletter and you are welcome to join events and climbing weekends. However, you are not allowed to climb at the ACLO, participate in GSAC courses or vote during GMMs. 

Do want to discontinue or change your membership, you can send an email to The contribution from the GSAC is paid per calendar year, so make sure you send this email before the 30th of November from the year before.