What are weekends?

One of the most important activities organized by GSAC for its members is the climbing weekend. Every year around 20 weekends are organized to practice roots in Belgium, Germany or France. In addition to climbing, fun is also important on such a climbing weekend. Everything you need to know for a climbing weekend is in the weekend schedule.

Sign up

Signup is possible by buying a ticket for the event, you can buy a ticket up to 2 weeks before the weekend.

You'll get an email whether you are selected or not 2 weeks before the weekend will take place. 

  • (Payment is not possible beforehand, we will subtract the money from your bank account when you go on the weekend or if you don't sign out on time. )


  • Few very kind participants always pick up the van and material and do the groceries. At 19:00 sharp we meet at the Central Train Station.

  • Don’t forget to bring your harness, climbing shoes, some pocket money, fixodent, and camping equipment (arrange a spot with someone in a tent).

  • GSAC will arrange the rest (climbing material, food, transportation, and campground).


  • If you want to cancel your ticket you have to send an e-mail to weekend@gsac.nl. If you cancel your subscription eight days in advance, there is no penalty and you do not have to pay the cost of the weekend. However, if you cancel you need to find a replacement for yourself. If you or the weekend commissioner can’t do this you will have to pay the full price of the weekend.


  • We will subtract the money for the weekend as soon as possible. If you have more questions about this ask our fiscus as fiscus@gsac.nl
  • Costs for a weekend are:
WeekendParticipants (excluding those with the function SKI-3 (OV and AK) and SKB-2 outdoor)
2 days €50
3 days €75
4 days €100

  • The kader (instructors) with SKI-3 (OV and AK) are subsidized on every weekends with a 100% discount and kader with SKB-2 have a 50% discount on all weekends. This is valid when the ratio of kaders to other climbers is 1:2, in other instances this subsidy is equally distributed between all the kader participating in a weekend.

  • To climb in Belgium all the participants need a climbing year card of Belgium that can be purchased together with the NKBV insurance. This card costs € 20,00 but GSAC subsidizes € 4,00 for every Belgium climbing trip you participate in. More information can be found here: https://www.nkbv.nl/sportklimmen/klimgebieden/klimjaarkaart-belgie.


  • For the introweekends there is a special insurance for the intromembers that costs around € 7,50.
  • For the bouldering weekends to Bleau weekend the NKBV in is not required.
  • For all other weekends you must have climbing and travel NKBV insurance. You can purchase it online on www.nkbv.nl. You can’t participate in the weekends without this insurance!


  • If you have a driving license, make a copy of it and submit it to the weekend commissioner or put it in the GSAC mailbox in the ACLO. You shouldn’t drive the van without doing this for the insurance reasons.

  • If you have your own car, with which you would like to drive to the weekend, let the weekend commissioner know as this is cheaper than renting a van. You will receive financial compensation from GSAC for the gas and number of km driven. subtract the money for the weekend subtract the money for the weekend. We will subtract the money for the weekend.