Confidential Contact Person

If you would like to talk to someone about something that made you feel uncomfortable or if there's something you'd rather not discuss directly with those involved, GSAC has confidential contact persons through ACLO:

The confidential contact persons for ACLO are Leon Hovenkamp (former Executive Board member) and Velda Tjalma (former General Board member). An appointment for a (phone) conversation with the confidential contact persons can be arranged by emailing In the email, you can indicate whether you prefer an appointment with Leon or with Velda.

You can also reach Leon at (+31 687783200) and Velda at (+31 687381764) by phone. They will call you back as soon as possible if they miss your call. If you need to contact people outside of ACLO, you can always turn to the Center for Safe Sports in the Netherlands (Centrum Veilige Sport Nederland).

For more information about Leon and Velda, you can visit: