The committees organise all kinds of activities, they make the association magazine, make the almanack, take care of the website and the courses! Without them, the GSAC would be a lot less fun and productive!





The AdviesCie is the committee that keeps the GSAC functioning. The board likes to think that they are in charge, but whenever they are unsure or when there is a GMM to be planned, they will come to us if we want to enlighten them with our wisdom. People say ‘the older, the wiser’, and we prove that this is true. This ensures we are able to think in advance more than any board. As of recently we have brought a new member into existence and decided that they will be in the board of 2036.

We wish you lots of fun during your time at the GSAC, but keep in mind: the AdviesCie will see everything!


Every year, the almanac will be handed out during the end-of-intro-party. This is a booklet in which you will find all kinds of information about the GSAC, from its history to committees to fun stats about our members. Each year, the almanack will have a surprising theme. Because you obviously want to keep this with you at all times, our almanack is pocket-sized. This also means it’s very light, so you can even keep it on you while climbing.


Within the GSAC there is a committee which focuses solely on alpine activities: the AlpenCie. As the AlpenCie we make sure that you will fully have the opportunity to unleash yourself in the beautiful mountain landscape.


Once a year, you are able to participate in the country’s most epic running relay race (and party); the Batavierenrace. Together with other GSAC’ers you will run 177km from Nijmegen to Enschede. The BataCie is the organisatory mastermind behind the participation of all GSACers that want to join.


The FeestCie takes care of the yearly birthday party of the GSAC (DIES) and a few parties throughout the year. This committee organises all yearly traditions, like climbing the Martini tower (stairs, no ropes) where you can enjoy a cup of rum tea with the new board. Afterwards, there will be a nice dinner and a party that you definitely should not miss!


Our wonderful committee organizes not only the yearly climbing and bouldering competition, but also many other fun events throughout the year! From capturing the flag over karaoke and game nights, christmas cooking events and ice skating, just to name some highlights of last year. There are lots of activities to explore with your fellow GSAcers and many more exciting to come! 


As the most important committee of the GSAC, we take care of the introperiod for all the enthusiastic ropekids. The Intro-BBQ, speed dating event, pubquiz and end-of-intro-party are examples of the events that we organise during this period.


We, as true Scrooge McDucks and bookkeeping-fetishists, ensure that the fiscus does not go running off to Switzerland with your precious contribution fee. As old-fisci who were not tired after a board year, we are now keeping an eye on all the financial transactions in the association. Because we’ve been here for a while and have drank our way through the GSAC, we are not shy of offering valuable lessons and moral support to a nervous new fiscus whenever we need to do some arguing with banks or when the ACLO starts threatening us with fines.


We are the most important committee in the association, we are sometimes even called the ‘real board’. In addition to keeping the fake board in check, we have long meetings in the Bres and we make endless IO-bangalists. We organise the ever-so-structured courses to make sure the entire association revolves around what it’s really about: OUTDOOR climbing. 


Enter the mountains with a warm GSAC-hoodie? Up the wall with a climbing t-shirt? The PromoCie has you covered! Our aim is to design, produce and introduce a new GSAC-themed item at least every 6 months, so that everyone can wear our favourite logo on head, back, belly, legs and feet.


Are you also such a fan of snow around you, either with skies or a snowboard beneath your feet, and enjoy the wonderful view in the mountains? You’re in luck, because the WinterCie organises yearly winter sports for the GSAC.


Once in a while, a select group of GSAC’ers meet to converse about the latest development in the world of GSAC. This group is also called the ZigZagCie. It is an undisputed fact that this committee is one of the most important governing bodies within the GSAC, and with reason: the ZigZagCie keeps members up-to-date on ins and outs of the association. To do this properly, we systematically interrogate GSAC-members and we infiltrate other SACs, so we don’t miss a thing.


We are the watchful eye of GSAC, we are the flash in the dark club, we are the FlashCie. As the photography committee, we are present at all events with our cameras at the ready. The AlmanakCie may be writing many good stories, but we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, we see ourselves as the true keepers of GSAC history. Or well, since half a year. After being officially presented only last February, the FlashCie is GSAC's youngest all-year-round committee by a long shot.