Climbing at the ACLO

Whenever you’re going to a training or going climbing at the ACLO you will need to use your own material, consisting of the following: Climbing harness, belaying device, climbing shoes, chalk bag and don’t forget your wall card.

Borrowing material

  • GSAC members need the ZK-OV status at least to be able to borrow material from the GSAC. This status is achievable by following GSAC courses and showing that you can do single pitch outside.

  • You can borrow alpine material after having finished a C1 (or higher) course. You are also allowed to borrow material for taking the C1 course.

  • Borrowing material is free, but you will be charged for damaging or losing material.

  • You can find the rental regulations in the HR

Overview GSAC Material:​​​​​​​


Sportclimbing rope (70-80 m)

Double rope (60 m)

    Alpine rope (50 m)Crashpads

    ropebags/ flaps


    • C3 1-2
    • Z4 0-.3
    • C4 .3-4

    Ice screws

    • 13 cm
    • 16 cm
    • 19 cm
    • 22 cm

    Quickdraws (different lengths)

    Nuts + Nut tool

    Ice axes

    • for alpinism
    • for ice climbing

    Slings (60/ 120 cm)Hexen


    Dynamic lifelines


    Belaying devices (ATC, GRIGRI 2, Mega Jul, Jul2, GiGi)

    Climbing Harness