Introduction period

Dear (future) GSACer,

Welcome at our association! We hope to get to know all of you well during the upcoming introduction period. It is going to be a fun time!
Once you sign-up, you will be placed in a rope-group with other introduction members. Each group has rope-parents, older members of the association, who will help you feel at home at GSAC. With this group, you are going to do all sorts of fun activities.

In case you cannot belay yet, there is a chance you might get into the toprope course given at the start of the academic year, on either Tuesday or Thursday. Note that we have limited spots available, so you are NOT guaranteed a place! Before the course, you can have dinner with your rope-group and rope-parents. These are also good moments to get ahead on the crazy 88!

Besides the weekly course lessons, we also have all sorts of other activities planned for y'all. This will kick off with the introduction BBQ on the 5th of September. We will make sure that there is enough food and drinks for everyone (of course we will also have vegetarian options). At the BBQ you will get a better impression of our association. There will also be older members and of course many climbing games.

We also have a range of other fun activities planned. We hope to see you at many of them. We are looking forward to it!

A GSAC-green goodbye,

IntroCie der GSAC 

Planning of activities:

Monday 4 SeptemberIntro BBQ
 September   Games & Picnic
 SeptemberCity excape tour
 OctoberGropo bouldering & Chili
Fri 6 - Sun 8 OctoberIntroweekend I

Running dinner

Thur 12 OctoberToeterborrel
Fri 13 - Sun 15 OctoberIntroweekend II
 OctoberPub Crawl
Fri 20 - Sun 22 OctoberIntroweekend III
 OctoberApex bouldering & Boardgames
 OctoberEnd party