NSAC courses

NSAC winter programme

Every year, the NSAC (Nederlandse Studenten Alpenclub) organises the winter programme which consists of multiple courses that vary in difficulty; from beginner to very advanced and from ice climbing to tour skiing and freeriding. The tour skiing and freeride courses are meant for people who can already ski or snowboard, but would like to go off piste and have the ambition to make tours by themselves and maybe one day even guide tours. 

The ice climbing courses are meant for those that are already alpining in the summer but now want to make the next step to winter alpinism. 

Whether you are more into skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing or winter alpinism, prefer touring or freeriding, there is a perfect course for you! (https://nsac.alpenclub.nl/cursusoverzicht/

Check https://nsac.alpenclub.nl/wp/ for the full overview and more information about prices, location, data, etc. 

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NSAC summer programme

The NSAC is the overarching organ from all SAC's in the Netherlands. The NSAC takes care of a variety of courses during summer, like alpine courses, canyoning and a hike to fly course. The courses are made for those who have the ambition to make alpine tours independently and eventually guide courses. The courses are giving in beginner, advanced and very advanced levels. There will always be more sign-ups than available spots, so therefore it is needed to have a selection day. The sign-ups and the selection day are coordinated by the coordinator summer programme (ZP; coördinator zomerprogramma) from the NSAC.

In addition, the NSAC organizes a yearly summer camping where SAC members from the entire country can get together to go on alpine trips together. For more information about activities and courses from the NSAC, look at: http://nsac.climbing.nl/