Canyoning is a beautiful combination of a variety of outdoor sports. During a canyoning trip, you hike to the start of the canyon. Here, you enter the canyon and while walking/hiking, sliding and abseiling you get through the canyon. Abseiling from a high waterfall, followed by jumps in deep waters and of course natural waterslides in beautiful surroundings complete your trip. 

Based on a few cool canyoning trips during the year you learn the basics of this sport. You will learn about:

  • Moving forward with a rope
  • Moving forward without a rope
  • Swimming in wild water
  • Risk management
  • Origins of canyons
  • Anchor points and hooks
  • Material knowledge
  • Tour planning and preparation
  • Canyoning casuistry and self-sufficiency

Canyoning with NSAC

This year, NSAC is also organising a canyon week with courses for all levels, and a touring week.

The dates are:

Canyon 1:  Entry Level Canyoning 1 July - 7 July 2023
Canyon 2:  Technical Canyoning  8 July - 14 July 2023
Canyon 3:  Advanced Canyoning 19 August - 25 August

Canyon Tourenweek: 22 July - 29 July and 29 July - 5 August 

For more info check the website

Canyoning With Canigou outdoor

Canigou Outdoor is specialized in organizing canyoning trips and courses. They have several canyoning weeks where GSAC members can join. All GSAC members get 10% discount on all canyoning courses and weeks.

On the website from Canigou Outdoor you can find more information:​​​​​​​