Intro Activity: Bouldering at Gropo

About this event

Date and time
Oct 2, 2022 17:00 - 23:00

We hope you all have some bouldering juices left after the climbing you have done during the past few weeks already, because for this intro activity we will be bouldering at Gropo. Gropo has been so kind to offer everyone joining this activity a reduced ticket price of €7.50. And that’s not all! The IntroCie has decided this will be the perfect moment to introduce you all to the illustrious GSAC chili, which will be completely free of charge. So make sure to bring a hearty appetite as well ;).

When: Sunday the 2nd of October, 17:00 - 23:00
Where: Gropo (Ulgersmaweg 8)
Who: both intro members and older members, but intro members will get priority if the capacity is reached :)
Costs: €7.50 (entrance ticket Gropo)

So all sign up, but be on time because the sign-ups will close on the 25th of September at 12:00 sharp!


Note: By signing up to this event you agree to having pictures shared of you on social media. If you don't consent, let a committee member of the IntroCie know. (or send an email to