Welcome to the website of the Groninger Studenten Alpen Club (GSAC): THE mountaineering association of Groningen! The GSAC focusses on climbing, alpinism, bouldering and winter sports: basically everything that has to do with mountains. Every year we organise many climbing weekends, a summer week, a winter week, weekly climbing trainings, climbing competitions, socials and parties.



Receiving a ZigZag

  • Vereniging

In order to waste less paper, we decided to put back the settings for receiving a ZigZag to no for ALL members. If you would still like to...

Lustrum update

  • Vereniging

Sadly, because of the current lockdown we have some unfortunate news. In order to respect the current covid measures and minimize the spread...

Borrowing gear

  • Vereniging

Dear weekend-longing members, As of today, we have decided to give you all the possibility to borrow gear again. To borrow gear you need to...

NSAC ZP date

  • Vereniging

English below Het verst verwijderd van de zomer zijnde, in deze donkere dagen voor kerst, beginnen de eerste omtrekken van de zomer zich in...

Wallcard 2021

  • Vereniging

Dear, sweet, members of the lovely GSAC,   For the new year you will get a shiny new wallcard to hopefully climb as much as possible at the...