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Who are we?

Below information about GSAC, our history and our songs are described.


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We are still working on this part of our website,if you have any questions please email us at: 

Who are we?

Below information about GSAC and our history are described.

What is the GSAC?

The GSAC means Groninger Studenten Alpenclub. We focus on sportclimbing, alpine tours, snowboarding, ice climbing, bouldering and everything else that has to do with climbing. We have around 500 members (incl. donators) and  15 commissions that you can sign up for.

Every year in September new members apply for our intro period. During our intro period we will provide climbing courses in which you will learn how to belay and safety during climbing. We also will have a big intro party, a BBQ and a final party.

During the spring and autumn and intro period we organize climbing weekends abroad. On climbing weekends we will climb with 9 people in Belgium, Germany or France. These weekends are filled with fun and a lot of climbing!

Every second Thursday of the month we have a “Toeterborrel” in café de Toeter. Members will share their exciting climbing story’s or share their pictures. Often we can also be found in café de Bres.

We also regularly climb on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on the ACLO wall. Here we host climbing competitions and courses on lead climbing, technic courses and everything you can think of to get better at climbing.

The new year will be started with a new year's dinner. In spring you can participate in winter activities that are hosted by the NSAC which is the nationwide organization. During the winter activities we have an amazing wintersportweek.

Later in spring we will become very obsessed with running. Each year we participate as a team in the Bata race under our pseudonym Rugsac. For those who want to experience a lot more you can participate in the BOTS which is a 24 hour race against other Student climbing associations. During Easter we will go to Fontaineblau  to show off our bouldering skills.

Before we end our school year in summer we will host a wall BBQ so you can meet up with other climbers to go climbing together in the summer. During the summer we have the alpine week and summer course week. You can participate in the alpine course (C1, C2 and C3) organized by the NSAC.

If this sounds very, very appealing please sign up to go climbing, bouldering, drinking and go on courses with us!

History of the GSAC

February 7, 1946 the GSAC was founded as a sub-society of Vindicat Atque Polit. The first 20 years were very hard on the GSAC. The activities were drinking with Society Mutua Fides and skiing.  Only a few dared to make alpine tours or climb the Maasrotsen. The GSAC has gone through ups and downs. We had very few members and the GSAC had to be re-established several times.

In the ’60 ‘s the GSAC was established as a SAC in a cave in Freyr. In 1967 women were able to join the GSAC to have more members. In the ‘70’s the GSAC had co-worked with the ACLO so we had more training options. During these times the GSAC was the biggest student alpine club of the Netherlands. In June 1999 the GSAC parted with Vindicat Atque Polit to grow further.