Freyr Multi Pitch Weekend

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Datum en tijd
31 mei 2024 19:00 - 2 jun. 2024 23:00
Freyr, Belgium

Hello everyone, the first multi pitch weekend is going to Freyr! This weekend is perfect for those who did join the multi pitch course and didn't get 2 signatures yet. Therefore, those members are prioritized in the selection process.

You can join this weekend for €50,-. In addition to that, it is mandatory to have a NKBV insurance (or a similar one) which you can get for €38,95 per year. You can sign up for the NKBV insurance here. To climb in Belgium, all the participants need a climbing year card of Belgium that can be purchased together with the NKBV insurance. More information can be found at:

Please mention in your motivation why you want to participate, provide you climbing status and mention how much climbing experience you have (inside and outside)! I will notify you two weeks before the weekend if you can join or not.

Note: this weekend is staying at a bivouac field rather than campsite, which means there will not be access to showers. Please plan accordingly.

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