Receiving a ZigZag

In order to waste less paper, we decided to put back the settings for receiving a ZigZag to no for ALL members. If you would still like...


Lustrum update

Sadly, because of the current lockdown we have some unfortunate news. In order to respect the current covid measures and minimize the...


Borrowing gear

Dear weekend-longing members, As of today, we have decided to give you all the possibility to borrow gear again. To borrow gear you need...


NSAC ZP date

English below Het verst verwijderd van de zomer zijnde, in deze donkere dagen voor kerst, beginnen de eerste omtrekken van de zomer zich...


Wallcard 2021

Dear, sweet, members of the lovely GSAC,   For the new year you will get a shiny new wallcard to hopefully climb as much as possible at...

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