Technique course and Jelmer training

For the next 4 weeks, the techniques course will take place during the Jelmer training. The course is only open to members who are...

Raw Chalk climbing bags

Raw Chalk climbing bags

Looking for a new climbing bag? GSAC member Rhys Williams has set up his own business, RAW CHALK, creating chalk bags from recycled...


Joining committees!

Hello new active GSAC members! A good way to continue being involved in the GSAC after the introduction periode is to join a committee....


Jelmer Training

Vanaf nu is er weer elke woensdag de Jelmer training van 18:15 tot 20:15 bij de ACLO. Ideaal als je een beginnende klimmer bent, maar...


Ruben Training

Hee klimmers, Vanaf donderdag 5 september is er weer klimcoaching in Bjoeks (17:30-20:00)! Zorg dat je erbij bent om (ook) dit jaar...

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