Intro Activity: City Bouldering

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IntroCie 2022
Datum en tijd
25 sep. 2022 13:00 - 16:00

During this event, we will indulge in that powerful urge most climbers share: seeing some object and immediately wanting to mount it. A list of random objects around the city has been prepared, and in small groups you will prove your worthiness to yourself and others by climbing everything.

The event will take place on Sunday the 25rd of September, and will start at 13:00. Make sure to bring some water for yourself and wear something you can climb in (also make sure to check the weather beforehand of course ;)).


Note: By signing up to this event you agree to having pictures shared of you on social media. If you don't consent, let a committee member of the IntroCie know. (or send an email to

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