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28 jul. - 1 aug. 2024
Innertkirchen - Bernese Alps

Dear outdoor climbing enthusiast,


Have you finished the Single Pitch course and are you looking to experience outdoor climbing at a higher (literally) level? Are you planning on visiting the GSAC Summer week in Innertkirchen? Then the Multi-pitch course taught during the summer week might be what you’re looking for! There are only 4 spots available, so read on quickly to see if this is something for you!


What will you learn?

In this course, you will learn what it takes to climb multiple rope-lengths in well-bolted areas.

A grasp of the techniques: how to belay, climb and rappel multiple pitches, route finding, rescue techniques and methods which are useful in case of emergency. 

The course will take place on 5 consecutive days of the Summer week (see dates below). During these days, we will teach you all that you need to know, after which you’ll show us that you are capable of multi-pitch climbing on your own. We can’t make any promises, of course, but this course should suffice for you to obtain your full MP-status within the 5 days of the course!


Entry requirements

In order to participate in this course, you must have successfully completed the single-pitch course. In addition, you need to be comfortable with lead climbing at least 5c outdoors. Beware that multi-pitching in the Alps may involve approaches (= walking) on steep paths and exposed terrain.

If you don’t have a ZK-OV SP certificate but have similar experience or followed a similar course, please email us before signing up to ensure you meet the requirements.


Of course you can also partake in the course if you have previously followed the MP-course at the ACLO, but have not obtained your signature(s) yet! If this applies to you, please mention this in the subscription form.



The course costs €110,- per person. This will be used to cover the lessons and the exam. Transportation, camping costs, climbing gear and groceries are not included. We’ll do groceries and cook together on-site.



Transportation to the campsite is not  provided by the GSAC. So pair up with people that have a car, get yourself on a train, jump on a bus, go hitchhiking or come up with other creative ideas, and we’ll meet you all at Camping Aareschlucht! Alternatively, you could also check with the weekend commissioner (Noa, weekend@gsac.nl) to see if it is possible to rent a Century van with the whole group. 

You will have to bring stoves, pots, cutlery and plates so we can cook together during the course. Grocery shopping for dinner and breakfast during the course will be done on-site. Of course we will make sure there is a nice climber’s breakfast ready for you on Sunday morning! However, please take care of your own dinner for the Saturday evening before the course. 

In contrast to regular GSAC-weekends, we will not assign designated grocery-shoppers, dishwashers and cake-bakers. However, I am absolutely sure that home-made cakes will be highly appreciated by your instructors and fellow course participants! ;)


When and Where?

  • Meet at the GSAC-capsite: Saturday evening 27th July

  • Course*: Sunday 28th July - Thursday 1th August

* keep Friday the 2nd August free as a spare course day in case of bad weather


Sign up!

You can sign up using the following link: https://forms.gle/CRSpZpjSnNvgxDUW9. The deadline is June 17th, at 20:00. We will notify you whether you’re enrolled shortly after, after which you can fulfill the payment.

Take notice that your motivation is leading in the selection, so showcase how much you want to follow this course and what experience you have already. 


What do you need?

- A climbing harness

- Helmet

- Climbing shoes

- A belay device (+ karabiner).

- Three prusik ropes, which have to be 1, 2 and 4 meters long and 5mm thick. You can buy it for example at the Bever or Decathlon (they cost around 1 euro per meter).



It’s important that you know all of the knots and techniques from the Single Pitch course by heart. Please practice them at home or at the ACLO before you start the course.


What’s next?

After this course, you’ll be able to go climbing outside in bolted areas. If you want to climb in regions where there might not be bolts or an anchor, the next step would be to learn trad climbing.


If you have any questions, please send an email to opcie@gsac.nl 

Kind regards,


On behalf of the opleidingscommissie,

Johannes & Daphne

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