Borrowing gear

Dear weekend-longing members,

As of today, we have decided to give you all the possibility to borrow gear again. To borrow gear you need to be a ZK, meaning that you should at least have your Single Pitch signature.
Of course, everything you want to borrow still needs to be discussed with our MatCo, Nadia (

We hope to see you at the walls again soon!

The board of '21,

Ad Verticum Ultraque


Chris Training

Vanaf 31 mei is er weer elke maandag training op de ACLO (19:45)!!


NSAC ZP 2021

RAB NSAC Zomerprogramma 2021 ZOMERPROGRAMMA! ALPINEREN! De inschrijvingen zijn nog open tot 14 februari!  Heb je altijd al de hoogste...

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