Wallcard 2021

Dear, sweet, members of the lovely GSAC,


For the new year you will get a shiny new wallcard to hopefully climb as much as possible at the wonderful wall at the ACLO. On this wallcard a picture of your beautiful face goes. Some people have turned in their picture years ago, you can just sit back and relax. However we still have people who never turned in their picture. That's why we want their picture. 
Important is the way you name your picture, this has to be the names you gave in when you became a member of the best sports association of Groningen, the GSAC. Say you only have one first name and one last name, this means your file should be named: Harley Quinn.jpg 

The .jpg is also very important. DO NOT NAME IT .JPEG. our system is very sensitive and does not like that.

Do you have more than one name? put your middle name, in the middle. For example: Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Send your picture to:

If you have any questions you can always email me at:

Keep training and quarantine safely!




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